America is Lucky to Have Black People, Not the Other Way Around

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A persuasive letter to my Modern Literary Masterpieces professor on why I deserve an A, for everyone who endured this year

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I want to cry, but I’m too angry

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Written after Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are announced president and vice president elect

I haven’t been writing lately, and it’s fine

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Exploring how the ways we deal with ugliness inside and out are one and the same.

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It’s time for schools to start telling our kids the truth.

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That are already crimes here, by the way.

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And how whiteness tries to destroy them.

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How childhood traumatized my metaphorical ovaries

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My father had “Episodes.”

Sunah Nash

Words are the most powerful things I have encountered. That is why I ‘m a writer. My name even means “the ‘right’ way.”

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